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APPLICATION FOR EXCEPTION TO d?TERRA s PLACEMENT POLICY (Please allow for 30 days from submission of this Application for the decision of the Exception Committee) d?TERRA Policy Manual, Section 7
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Doterra placements placements is a more advanced part of running a doTERRA business if you are not familiar with doTERRA x' compensation plan we suggest watching the choose your life team compensation video before proceeding when you enroll a new doTERRA wellness advocate that person is placed under you and becomes part of your downline however placing someone directly underneath you isn't always beneficial to you in fact it could result in lost Commission's or advancements you actually have the ability to transfer enrollees to other parts of your downline the goal of this video is to help you understand why when and where you'd want to do that most doTERRA business builders begin signing up new advocates into their downline and some of their advocates begin building - however often that builder keep signing more people up on their first level they don't realize those advocates can be placed elsewhere in their downline to help them earn bonuses and advance in rank faster let's talk about how you can move people when you enroll someone they are assigned on your team in two different ways a sponsor assignment and an enroller assignment the sponsor assignments are used to pay out power of 3 and unilevel commissions the enroller assignments are used for rank advancements and fast start bonuses for these examples we will be talking about Peter and Sarah who signed up under Peter both Peter and Sarah will be enrolling new people when a new person or advocate is enrolled the enroller and sponsor assignments are initially assigned to the person that enrolls them you can move either the sponsor or enroller assignments to other parts of your downline for instance Peter already has the enrollees that he needs he enrolls someone new by default he has both the enroller and sponsor Peter wants to reward Sarah for being a builder and so he moves the sponsor to Sarah notice that the sponsor is now Sarah's but the enroller stays with Peter at this time as this is duplicated their team could start to look like this the same process can also happen within roller placements either the sponsor assignment or the in roller assignment can be transferred to someone else but only one transfer is allowed so make sure you are certain about each transfer sponsor assignments can only be transferred within the first 14 days in roller assignments can be transferred any time during the life of the advocate the two main reasons to change a sponsor assignment is to optimize the power of three commissions and change the team structure to maximize unilevel payout optimizing the power of three commissions the power of three Commission is based on the structure of a team after Peter is set up the first level of power of three he then wants to focus on the second level power of three number one so Sarah can earned the $50 bonus and number two so Peter can earned the 250 dollar bonus if Peter continues to add new advocates under himself it does not set up a healthy long term Commission...